21 Aug Crypto Flatline: Will Prices Rise Back Up?
Crypto Flatline: Will Prices Rise Back Up?

We are in a bit of a strange time in the crypto markets.  Predictions of high cryptocurrency prices are not coming to fruition and many insiders are privately sweating that we have hit some sort of leveling out. Many investors incorrectly believe that in order for cryptos to be successful they must rise back to the levels of last November.  This is obviously not our view.  Cryptos are not meant to be a get rich quick scheme, but rather a new medium to allow secure and fast transactions without banks in between.

More so, crypto naysayers are just that, naysayers. Bitcoin has been getting key support at levels between $6,100 and $6,300.  Meaning we are seeing some steady behavior for once.

What we propose is that the industry should begin to build real long term value by branching out and offer products and services that will attract a wider swath of customers around the world. 

  That is what we at Ternion are doing and we know there are others like Coinbase that are actively doing the same thing. This sort of stock taking and internal development will make cryptos the game changer they are meant to be, not overly inflated prices.