12 Sep Ternion Weekly
Ternion Weekly

Ternion Partnerships

Ternion has formed a strategic partnership with Zeus Protocol, a second layer network for Ethereum. Ternion will utilize ZeusID to verify ETH wallets and to ensure safety and security of users and transactions. Read an announcement on their side here.

 Legal compliance is crucial to fintech companies, as the rules surrounding the crypto market are only forming credible players need to be always aware of the framework they have to operate within. We are happy to introduce you to our new legal compliance partner – Red Bishops. Red Bishops is a consulting firm that provides legal guidance to both emerging and established companies in traditional and fintech spheres.


We are looking for interesting collaborations and future-making projects that would like to list their coins on the Ternion Exchange. 

We are also looking for new opportunities to participate in roadshows around the globe and reach out to a wider audience. 

Please email us at info@ternion.io for any partnership and roadshow proposals.  

Thank you for being a part of Ternion community!

Ternion Team